Sensing the WILDNESS, restoring the FUTURE NATURAL


Rising abruptly out of the coastal plain of West Cumbria Ennerdale is one of the most remote of Cumbria valleys and has a distinctive character of its own. There is a sense of tranquillity, ruggedness, self-will, wildness, a feeling more of Scotland or Scandinavia. Wild Ennerdale is one of the UK’s largest wildland partnerships.

It is widely recognised for its partnership working, future natural approach and for pioneering innovative ways of upland management which blur boundaries between forestry and farming. Check out the news from the valley with our latest Newsletter

The Wild Ennerdale partnership invites you to explore this unique valley and experience its special sense of wildness. Wild Ennerdale is excited to be a part of Rewilding Britain and Rewilding Europe.


We love welcoming you to Ennerdale but please follow government coronavirus guidelines when planning your visit

You must stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms or are self isolating.


Somewhere-nowhere projects highlight remarkable environmental spaces and the human stories that are linked with them. The project visited Ennerdale in 2020 and interviewed three people associated with the valley. You can hear their stories below.

Timber Harvesting 1st May 2021

All car parks, most rights of way and way marked trails are open

Timber harvesting is continuing in the valley and will run through until Summer 2021. This will involve the temporary diversion of some paths and tracks and closure of some areas of the valley to public access.

Harvesting is focussed on the north side of the valley between Ennerdale YHA and Blacksail with much of the forest road on the north side of the valley east of Ennerdale YHA closed. Please follow diversions and use the forest road and Liza path on the south side of the valley.

Thank you for your patience. We hope to complete all tree felling by early June 2021 with some timber extraction and lorry transport continuing into late July 2021.

Please check the visitor information signs which will be located and updated at the car parks, main entrances to the valley, and on our Facebook page.

For more information visit our Forest page.

Archaeology Excavation Update

Thanks to Oxford Archaeology we've just published a report that suggests forest clearance of oak trees in Ennerdale may have occurred in the Late Mesolithic period , much earlier than previously thought.

You can read the full report on our Archaeology page.

The Oldest Stonechat in Britain --- well nearly!

In the Spring and Summer of 2020, a breeding bird survey was carried out in the Silvercove Valley. It was expected that one of the species to be encountered on this survey would be stonechat.  Much of the valley is covered in old growth heather, prime nesting habitat for this species. Furthermore, stonechat are known to breed in adjacent locations in the Ennerdale Valley.

It was no surprise that a male was encountered on the first survey on 27/04/20.  Two breeding territories were located over the course of the 3 survey visits and both pairs successfully fledged young.  Read more about The Oldest Stonechat in Britain

Spirit of Place

Through a number of events in 2016 and 2017 we  explored the valley's "Spirit of Place"  and have produced this ebook to share our experiences. The book can also be purchased from the Gather in Ennerdale Bridge.

Stewardship Plan

Our 2018-2028 Stewardship Plan is now approved and available to view. We are now working on actions aimed at delivering the plans objectives.


Check out the news from the valley with our latest Newsletter

European wilding 

Wild Ennerdale is excited to be a member of the European Rewilding Network.  Wild Ennerdale has its own page along with other UK projects such as Knepp and Trees for Life - Restoring the Caledonian Forest

New 40 hectare native tree planting project
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