Our Vision is

"to allow the evolution of Ennerdale as a wild valley for the benefit of people, relying more on natural processes to shape its landscape and ecology"


Our Stewardship plan details our objectives connected to seven key areas of work:-

  • Farming 
  • Forestry
  • Natural Processes 
  • Recreation
  • Tourism Provision & Infrastructure
  • Transport
  • Water Extraction

You can find these in our Stewardship Plan text document



Our Stewardship Plan sets out 11 key principles which we use to help make decisions by and act as points of reference to guide the partners approach on decision making in Ennerdale.

The overarching principle is that any action should fit within and refer back to the vision at all times.

Supporting this vision are eleven key principles:

  • The sense of wildness experienced by people will be protected and enhanced;
  • The valleys landscape and habitats will be given greater freedom to develop under natural processes, allowing robust and functioning ecosystems to develop on a landscape scale;
  • Public support and engagement will remain central to the Wild Ennerdale process;
  • Intervention will only occur if complementary to the vision, or where a threat to the vision is posed;
  • Opportunities will be sought to develop greater public enjoyment and social benefit;
  • The historical and cultural assets of the valley will be considered and respected;
  • Management and decision making will be focused more at the holistic landscape scale; Wild Ennerdale will be offered as a demonstration to others by sharing results and information;
  • Opportunities will be sought for businesses that are sustainable within the vision;
  • Monitoring and assessment of change will be carried out on a large scale and over a long period of time;
  • An element of set-up and higher level intervention may be required to facilitate natural processes, recognising our starting point is influenced by past activity;

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