Canoeing on Ennerdale Water gives you a different view of the valley's wild landscape. Ennerdale water offers great canoeing opportunities and fantastic views of the valley, its big forest and iconic wild mountains. The lake is the most westerly in the Lake District and extends to three square kilometres, with a length of just over 2.4 miles and 0.8miles wide at its widest.

Ennerdale Water

Ennerdale water is a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its aquatic species and lakeshore habitats as well as providing high quality drinking water to over 60,000 customers in West Cumbria.


  • The deep clear waters and rock face under Anglers Crag.
  • The islands between Bowness and Anglers Crag visible during low water levels.
  • The ancient semi natural woodland of Side Wood.
  • The mouth of the River Liza.
  • The old Anglers Hotel site, the building was demolished in preparation for the raising of the lake in the 1970's but the lake was never raised.


To access the lake please park at either Bowness Knott or Bleach Green car parks and carry your canoe (300 to 400m) to the lake.


You do not need a permit to canoe on the lake as an individual or family group. Commercially led groups and activity providers and large groups should obtain a permit from United Utilities.

Whilst canoes and kayaks are welcome on Ennerdale Water, we do not permit boats with sails or motors.

Take Care

Please take care not to transfer any organisms or creatures from other lakes to Ennerdale. Please check you canoe over and wash off canoes before coming to the valley.

Please do not wild camp or start open fires along the lakeshore.

River Ehen

Please do not canoe on the upper 3km of the River Ehen immediately downstream of Ennerdale Water as the river is home to a rare freshwater mussel which can be damaged by canoeists accessing the river and navigating shallow sections.

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