redsquirrel-in-lachRed squirrels

The ancient Oak woodlands of Ennerdale have been compared to tropical rainforests as in spring they are a vivid luxuriant green with bryophytes, ferns and mosses and are home to hundreds of species. Our ancient Oak woodlands are under threat from an expanding Grey Squirrel population which, if unchecked, will strip the bark of young and old trees alike, reduce regeneration by eating acorns before they fall and carry a virus which is fatal to our native Red squirrels.

What are we doing

We are working with the Ennerdale Community Squirrel Group by focussing our Grey squirrel control along the western edge of the valley to prevent Grey squirrels becoming established in the main valley. We respond to Grey squirrel sightings and pro actively carry out Grey squirrel control in the Spring and Autumn.

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