Stewardship Plan

Our Stewardship Plan is our core management plan for Ennerdale which has guided and directed us since 2006.

We are currently revising our Wild Ennerdale Stewardship Plan and will be sharing the finished plan via our website and in printed format in April 2018. 

As part of that process, there will be two ’drop-in’ sessions held at: The Gather, Ennerdale Bridge on Tuesday 24th April , 2pm - 5pm and 6pm - 8pm . At least one of the Wild Ennerdale Partners will be available to discuss the proposals so please come along for a chat.

Liaison Group


Our Liaison Group is made up of Cumbrian organisations who have an interest in the Ennerdale Valley. The group met in late June 2011 at the Ennerdale Scout Centre and spent the morning providing feedback on the Partnerships achievements and where our priorities should be over the next 5 years. The afternoon was spent outside with a field visit to Heckbarley to discuss the future of this area after all the conifer has been cleared.

To try and tease out the key points and issues the replies to each question have been converted into a word cloud. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text by making those words larger and differently coloured. You can also read the full report.

Stewardship Plan 2018-2028

The maps and text documents for our new Stewardship Plan will be posted here once it is approved

The draft plan text and maps will be available for comment on the Forestry Commission Citizen Space from the 23rd April to the 6th May.


Stewardship Plan 2006-2018 

The text contains an introduction which helps explain the Stewardship Plan approach.

Advisory Group

The Wild Ennerdale Advisory Group met in late September 2010, staying three days at Ennerdale YHA. The Group was invited by the Wild Ennerdale Partners to provide feedback on the Stewardship Plan review and a Summary of their feedback is provided


Local Community Consultation

Over 50 local people attended a consultation event in June 2010. A yellow post-it note session produced a list of top likes and dislikes below. (numbers relate to number of stickers).

What People Liked

10 Peace, Tranquility, QuietnessLike
7 Views , Scenery, Sunrises & Sunsets
5 Diversity & Biodiversity
5 Traffic free,
4 Conifer removal, Native tree regeneration
4 Cattle
4 Non commercial
3 Wildlife
3 Red Squirrels
3 Lack of people, low tourist numbers
3 Community. Local involvement
2 More open landscape, improved vistas
2 Natural wild river, river edges improved
2 Wildness, Remoteness
2 Wild Ennerdale Project, national focus

What People Disliked

8 Traffic on valley road, Logging lorries
5 Dog mess on paths, in bags tied to trees
5 Lack of toilets
4 Too Many People, Touristy
4 Litter
4 Ignoring plight of red squirrel
4 Camper Vans, the thought of a campsite
3 Midges
3 Sitka Spruce
3 Bare felled areas,
2 Noisy motorbikes and quad bikes
2 Poor road access
2 Grey Squirrel invasion
2 Lack of info signs and information


What people Liked



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