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Tom Rawling was born in 1916, into the well known Ennerdale family which can trace its roots in the area back to the sixteenth century. His working life was spent in the south but he returned frequently to West Cumbria and his beloved Ennerdale – sometimes with his family but especially for the fishing.“How Hall” was published by Lamplugh and District Heritage Society because Rawling’s poetry and his memories are local heritage. The book gathers together impressions of an Ennerdale and a Lake District that is both past and present; second homes have come to the valleys and farming has been mechanised, but the birds, the fish and the Herdwick sheep on the Fells are still with us. The writings are supplemented with family pictures, photographs from LDHS sources and line illustrations, by Liz Boughton.

This is an extract from Toms poem “How Hall”:

Enough to hear The names of the fells
Herdus, Pillar and Red Pike;
Fields and flowers
Broad Close, Wham and Fittimer,
Gowan, ling and cotton-grass;
Farms and their people
How Hall, Hollins, and Howside,
Birkett, Rawling, Williamson;
Enough to know I belonged to the place.

“You’ll enjoy the poetry and prose of Tom Rawling” Cumbria Magazine

“A real gem of literature . . .” Malcolm Carson, Cumberland News

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