With a wide range of habitats from sub alpine to lakeshore, from grassland to forest the valley provides a home to over 100 bird species.

Where to see

In the conifer forest: siskin, goldcrest, coal tit, sparrowhawk, song thrush,   willow warbler and wren.

In the native oak woodlands: pied flycatcher, wood warbler, tree pipit, green woodpecker and nuthatch.

On the mountains: ring ouzel, whinchat, wheatear, raven, stonechat, meadow pipit and skylark.

Open habitats: swallow, house sparrow, chaffinch, snipe, greenfinch, redpoll, goldfinch, barn owl, buzzard,


We are creating opportunities for birds by reducing the dominance of conifers and restoring native woodland, heath land and bog habitats. Allowing nature to blur the boundaries between habitats by introducing extensive cattle grazing should also help provide and create more diverse habitats.

We have carried out extensive base line monitoring of birds which can be found on our monitoring page

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