Valley Head Project

A spectacular landscape opportunity to bring ecological restoration through tree planting.

The valley head is a spectacular place with the mountain peaks providing an almost 360-degree backdrop to the River Liza and glacial valley floor moraines. However, the valley head lacks ecological structure and biodiversity of flora and fauna which we have the opportunity to improve through this exciting new project funded by United Utilities as compensation for the woodland lost along the line of the West Cumbria water pipeline construction project.

Latest News May 2021

  • The trees are slowly showing signs of spring , unfurling leaves and swelling buds
  • Rowan, birch and willow show good survival, unfortunately juniper survival is very poor

Useful Documents

Valley Head Planting EIA Map (the current project is aimed at planting compartments 0,1,4 and 10)

Environmental Impact Assessment Screening Letter

Valley head planting project briefing note

Our Exciting Vision

Wild Ennerdale has long held a vision for the valley head where open native woodland extends from the valley bottom further east than the current forest extent  then fading out into the open fell. Our vision is for a tree'd landscape where both open and wooded habitats intertwine.

For some years we have been removing conifers from the eastern third of the valley and replanting at low density with native trees such as Oak, Birch, Rowan, Willow and Juniper. The image above  is a photo realistic visual of what the east end of the valley might look like once the woodland we hope to plant becomes established in around 30 years time.


Would your community like help with tree planting?

United Utilities have established a woodland and hedgerow planting fund, managed by Cumbria Woodlands through which local communities along the route of the pipeline can apply to develop their own woodland schemes. Further details of this scheme are available through Cumbria Woodlands.