The Wild Ennerdale Partnership is keen to see people participating in the future of the valley whether through volunteering, recreation, learning or employment.

Community involvement is an essential part of the process of change, both to guide and inform the Partnership, and to ensure that the benefits of Wild Ennerdale reach far beyond the geographical 'valley boundary'.

The Partnership produces a quarterly Newsletter which is circulated to the local community through the Local Church Ecumenical newsletter.

The partnership approach to the future management of the valley recognises that people are a significant part of a 'wild' landscape and that the extent to which people can interact, and indeed become part of a natural process, is dependant upon appropriate levels of access and types of activities permitted. Without some intervention to regulate access however, there is a danger of destroying the very qualities we look for in a 'wild' place: untamed nature, solitude, adventure and the quiet enjoyment of spectacular landscapes.